New Zealand Sign Language Week 2019

We have always led the way in creating inclusive hospitality spaces. From our first cafe, Co-Ed on Kings established in 2015, we have identified the barriers for our Deaf community to access the same level of customer service in NZSL and tackled in head on. How? We designed our own training programs to ensure all our staff knew conversational cafe NZSL and employed Deaf staff to share the language directly with our customers. As we have grown so has our influence in the industry, becoming cosmically drawn to other businesses that longed to create more inclusive spaces and work environments. Check out our awesome collaboration with two super cool and inclusive businesses!

How to order your beer in sign with Garage Project

How to order your coffee in sign with Coffee Educators

Our Collaborators

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In order to create an inclusive space that is accessible for NZSL users, we have always partnered with NZSL4U to work on designing and delivering industry specific sign language programs for businesses like Garage Project and Coffee Educators. Amber and her team make their sessions fun and informative, building great relationships and instilling confidence in all that work with them. Check out their website to book classes near you.


Have divisibility project in mind?

At Colab we pride ourselves in creating inclusive spaces that make difference to various communities